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  • Description


  • Eliminates incrustation caused by installation and dirt from the construction; salt efflorescence and lime from surfaces, flooring (showers), bathrooms, etc.
  • Cleans exterior surfaces; descales and cleans at the same time because it contains a large number of surfactants; very effective against rust stains.
  • Does not give off toxic gases, respects health and the environment, does not alter aspect or colouring of materials.
  • Cleans without harming joins, aluminium, steels elements, etc, and has multiple functions: depending on the solution, descales and cleans deep.
  • See instructions for use in attached file.
  • Suitable for:
  1. Clay
  2. Quarry tile
  3. Porcelain tile
  4. Varnished tile
  5. Acid-resistant stone


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